Vera Struck has created over 5,000 images spanning 35 years of artwork. Several of these images are available in a variety of formats: paintings, frescoes, screens, ceramics, and stonework. For licensing agreements please contact taospirit@mac.com.

Since 2000 her artwork has taken on a sustainable reclamation lens. She is currently involved in several sustainability education and reclamation projects.

© All Copyrights to the images on this website are owned by Vera Struck.  Reproduction of these images by any means, manual, digital, downloading, or electronic violates U.S. Copyright law and is forbidden without written permission from the artist, contact Vera Struck for any image usage, licensing and trade inquiries.

©1977-2015 Vera Struck Studios


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I have been asked to appraise an art collection which includes an earlier work of yours depicting two running horses and zebras. I am trying to establish a replacement value for insurance purposes as my client is moving out of the country. It is signed “Vera ’84” in the lower right corner. It appears to be either a watercolor, gouache, or oil on paper and measures 26 3/4 x 23 inches. I would be happy to send you an image.

    • Ms. Struck is no longer available for appraisal purposes, consulting, for any of the 15,480 artworks she created over her lifetime. She is retired and pursues other interests. Sorry we cannot help you.

  2. Good morning… I own one of your original mixed media paintings which I’m trying to find out the value. It is 39 1/2″ X 53 1/2″ framed and matted professionally. I would love to find out what you named it. The painting is of a Greek goddess in rust tones. I understand that you are pursuing other interests but would appreciate a general idea. Thank you. Thank you so much!
    Tami Sausser

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