Contemporary Nudes


Selective artwork from one person and group shows 1979 – 1998

© All Copyrights to the images on this website are owned by Vera Struck.  Reproduction of these images by any means, manual, digital, downloading, or electronic violates U.S. Copyright law and is forbidden without written permission from the artist, contact Vera Struck for any image usage, licensing and trade inquiries.

©1977-2015 Vera Struck Studios


7 thoughts on “Contemporary Nudes

  1. Hello Vera, I purchased one of your paintings from an auction in Florida years ago. It had been in a house fire but it was not damaged by the fire just smoke damaged. The name of the gallery was Maza’s Design Gallery . I have the label and it is the one of the Lady sitting , leaning on her left elbow with a fan in her right hand . This is a very large piece. I’m trying to find out any information on it that I can , wither it is your work or a copy which I don’t think so. I will be glad to share more information with you . Contact me at my gmail address.. . looking forward to hear from you or someone in your studios. Thank You Randy

  2. VERA, We bought a piece of yours that had smoke damage to the frame and liner.the piece itself is fine and had your inventory number and has your signature on the front as well as on the inventory tag. What is the name of the piece and worth?

  3. Hi Vera: I own two of your paintings and wondered if you have any of your contemporary nude paintings available for sale. Thanks. Cristina Kreis

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