Meet the reclamation artist and tiny house builder

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Mark Your Earth Day Calendars!!!

At several Earth Day Festivals April 15 – 25th, the reclamation sustainability artist, Vera Struck will be demonstrating “College Dorm Sustainability Hacks” and speaking about the net-zero sustainable Silver Bullet Tiny House Exhibit she designed and built as an education module for “Living the sustainable tiny life”, at the following Earth Day Festivals, Sustainability Events, and tiny house workshops.

APRIL 16th, THURSDAY,  11AM – 2:30PM  

Boston University Medical Campus, Talbot Green

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APRIL 22nd, WEDNESDAY,  11AM-2:30PM      

Boston University Main Campus, GSU Plaza


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Annual Amherst Sustainability Festival, Amherst Town Common


MAY 1st-3rd, Friday/Saturday/Sunday

Silver Bullet Tiny House Builder and sustainability lifestyle designer, Vera Struck, author of the soon to be released “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”, will also be speaking at Deek’s next workshop in Connecticut May 1-3. Sign up now before he is sold out!

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Balance sponsors reclamation artist and tiny house builder, Vera Struck, at Love Yoga Festival

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Australian flower essence water company, Balance, sponsors international artist, Vera Struck, in a challenge to recycle, repurpose and reclaim their water bottles into fashionable wearable art and distinct art objects.

Join her at the Balance booth and watch her assemble wearable art. Struck’s exquisite art objects will be available for sale at the first Love Yoga weekend festival at Aselton Park, overlooking Lewis Bay in Hyannis. You can also participate in an interactive art sculpture as you enjoy the festival!

For more information and tickets, click here.

Support our local Arts Center and the sustainable tiny life

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Want to hear live music from 15 different bands, try the brews, buy art, support sustainability non-profits and have fun on a beautiful summer Saturday?

Come join us tomorrow…at Manter Field 10AM-9PM for the Byfield Music & Arts Festival. Directions, tickets, more information is here.

The Struck women will be there at their Struck Studios art booth!!! Come see us!

All proceeds from our sales of gorgeous reclamation artwork and jewelry go to support the Byfield Arts Center and the Net Zero Silver Bullet Tiny House.

The Struck Marketplace

Please look for future announcements of the traveling reclamation show exhibitions. Reclamation jewelry and artwork can be purchased through the “square market” starting in 2015.Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 10.10.25 AM

Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Everything is food for something else


Remis Lobby Gallery, Wilkie Performing Arts Center, Governors Academy, One Elm Street, Byfield, MA. 01922


Opening night with the artist: September 20, 2013 6-8PM


Noted reclamation artist, resource steward and sustainability educator, Vera Struck, upcycles her waste-stream into artwork



Vera Struck has created over 5,000 images spanning 35 years of artwork. Several of these images are available in a variety of formats: paintings, frescoes, screens, ceramics, and stonework. For licensing agreements please contact

Since 2000 her artwork has taken on a sustainable environmental lens. She is currently involved in several reclamation projects.

© All Copyrights to the images on this website are owned by Vera Struck.  Reproduction of these images by any means, manual, digital, downloading, or electronic violates U.S. Copyright law and is forbidden without written permission from the artist, contact Vera Struck for any image usage, licensing and trade inquiries.

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