The Artist

In her first two decades as an artist Vera Struck created artwork to get us in touch with our alchemical memory. Struck’s artwork became a timeless, erotic bridge between classicism and modernity. Unifying right and left brain hemispheres, Struck designed her work to provoke viewers into the remembrance that they are human, physical; that they emote, and are still capable of love and spiritual enlightenment.

Elegant eroticism came to life through multiple metaphors in her work.  In witty, wily ways Struck drew upon many beloved, potent artistic traditions. Playing with elements from our collective visual culture, her works strike us at once with intimacy, playfulness, fantasy and style. Desire, and a full experience of the senses permeated her body of work and the lives of Struck’s collectors.

An environmental advocate throughout her life, she abandoned oils and toxic art materials in 1983. Her artwork is based on sacred geometry and involves between 8 to 50 layers of mixed mediums. Constantly experimenting, Struck uses found materials as well as those she seeks out from new technology. After a spiritual “walkabout” in 2000, Struck began her education in sustainability.

After 9/11 the artist began a spiritual series expressing her decades of studying Zen Buddhism and Native Americans. Her art since 2006 has rarely been shown publicly by her own choice. Seeing sustainability as an imperative requiring global participation, she attended the Executive Certificate Program at Presidio, the world’s first and leading Graduate School in Sustainable Management.  Her dedication to sustainability best practices led her to founding a sustainability non-profit,, and she is currently involved in several environmental reclamation art projects. She became a sustainable lifestyle educator in 2011 and completed an 18 month, 18,265 mile tour in 2018 with the off-grid tiny home on wheels she designed and built by herself, the Silver Bullet Tiny House/Classroom.


4 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Hello! I’ve stumbled across an oil canvas with your signature, “The Red Vest,” dated ’96. I was curious of it’s venture to me.

    • Blake,
      My archives and memory indicate I never painted anything entitled “The Red Vest”. Some of my ex-distribution companies had their artists not only copy my work, they illegally printed copies of my work. Does it have an authenticity certificate signed by me? Can you send a picture of it, the dimensions, its type (canvas, paper, print) to my assistant Marcus at

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