2020 Tiny House Bundle is HERE!

I hope this email finds you well and safe! Here’s some good news!

The 2020 Tiny House Bundle launches today!



Over $2175 worth of tiny house courses, ebooks, and plans for only $49!

With the 2020 Tiny House Bundle you get an unbelievable discount on a ton of great tiny house products, but it lasts 5 days total, no exceptions. To be exact, the tiny house bundle ends on April 18, 2020 at Noon EDT.

What’s included this year? Get ready, it’s the biggest bundle to date!

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  • 12 issues Tiny House Magazine by Kent Griswold
  • Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Book and Workbook by Vera Struck
  • Tiny House B.I.G. Book by Abigail Ross
  • Your Message Here + Your Message Here TOO by Andrew Odom
  • Simple Living, Right Now: Ending Life’s Chaos and Reclaiming Joy by Brynn Burger


  • DIY Tiny House Build Digital Workshop by Andrew Morrison
  • Full Time RV Travel eCourse by Macy Miller
  • Tiny House, Rich Lifestyle Planning Workshop by Alexis and Christian (Tiny House Expedition)
  • Downsizing31 ~ The Online DIWY Course to Create Your Clutter-Free Home Oasis by Brenda Mason
  • Practically Tiny: Capsule Kitchen, Capsule Wardrobe, Capsule Self Care by Carmen Schenk
  • Sketchup Course + Project File by Jake and Kiva (Tiny Nest Project)
  • Remote Work for Nomads – by Kristin Hanes
  • Money From The Road: A Basic 101 of Money On The Road – Rob Schanepp (Contented Nomads)


  • Sweet Pea Plans by Dee Williams
  • The Dart Plans by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
  • Alexis A-Frame Plans by Joshua Woodsman
  • Tropical Tiny House Plans by Malissa Tack
  • Sommerhus Tiny House ADU by Shawn Dehner
  • Cider Box Plans by Shelterwise
  • Sol Pod Plans by Vina Lustado

Happy Holiday Sustainable Lifestyle Gifts:

Happy Holidays to the tiny house curious! Your chance to get or gift a sustainable e-book this holiday!

50% OFF either e-book thru Tuesday, December 31, 2019! 

Discount Code when you hit either PayPal button below is : XMAS19

Empower yourself, a loved one or friend with a sustainable lifestyle gift!

“Living The Sustainable Tiny Life” envelops the reader into a world that is vastly changing in ways that are new and different, but also familiar to the reader. Her book takes on an almost therapeutic aura as she welcomes you into her thought processes, resources, successes, and failures over decades of social change. After reading The Sustainable Tiny Life I feel inspired to not only live a more simple and meaningful life, but also to do more for our planet as a consumer and advocate. This book is for anyone who is interested in leading a healthier life for themselves and for future generations.” —— Christina D. Mecca, BSW Researcher and Life Coach


PayPal 50% Off Checkout Discount Code:  XMAS19   


Living the Sustainable Lifestyle Workbook is wonderful!!! One of the pieces that others often miss is that experiencing a truly successful tiny house experience requires more than simply moving into smaller square footage. A change in lifestyle and awareness is also necessary for the best results. Your workbook takes readers through various pertinent and important exercises that will best prepare them for an amazing new life. It’s obvious that you have learned a lot from your life experiences and making your own move to tiny, so you’re a great author to put this all together. The workbook would have been helpful for us when we got started on our own tiny house and downsizing journey!! “    ——Gabriella Morrison, Tiny House Build


PayPal 50% Off Checkout Discount Code: XMAS19


Back in Massachusetts Living Large

Returned from my 18 month Silver Bullet Tiny House Tour covering 18,000 miles across the USA. Excited to have complete this chapter and looking forward to the next!

Silver Bullet Tiny House Receives Award

So honored that my Silver Bullet Tiny House won the best ‘Tiny Home’ award out of 90 tiny structures on wheels at the Florida Tiny House Festival this month. I was also honored to be chosen as Renogy’s Solar Ambassador to the festival and am so pleased to be powered by Renogy.

I purchased my 2nd generation solar solution for the 5 year old tiny home early this year and love being powered solely by renewable energy. You can learn more about my choice here.

Silver Bullet Tiny House Hits the Road to Teach Sustainability!

Can you help us get out on the road to teach others about living sustainable lifestyles?
We will be leaving Massachusetts on June 1st to travel across the country to many ‘Pop UP’ stops at private and public locations, where sponsored and free tours and workshops will be given. In order for us to fund this tour, we have started an IndieGoGo campaign. Please consider donating what you can and pick your reward here: http://bit.ly/1TVPrv6.
Fall 2015 - This picture was presented in Brazil by tiny house expert, Andrew Morrison!

Fall 2015 – This picture was presented in Brazil by tiny house expert, Andrew Morrison!


We finished The Silver Bullet Tiny House last fall and we are now ready to hit the road. Can you help us? If you are not able to contribute, you pass the word on to those who are interested in sustainable lifestyle education for all Americans.
Thank you.

The eBook is Here: Living the Sustainable Tiny Life

Achieving a sustainable tiny lifestyle can be hard work, involving physical and emotional challenges. It requires character building and shedding layers of consumptive baggage.

Some call the journey daunting, overwhelming, and difficult, at best. And you know what, it does not have to be.

It was the best experience of my life!  It was transformative socially, physically, spiritually, morally and intellectually.  You will hear my story and learn about my path to leaving the debt culture behind, how to live a more compassionate, healthy and authentic sustainable lifestyle.

Part 1 of Living the Sustainable Tiny Life* is all about my tiny sustainable soul’s journey to an amazingly rewarding authentic sustainable lifestyle, from its fledgling beginnings to present day.

Part 2 takes you through the build process of the Silver Bullet Tiny House. This book is not a construction guide although it gives you plenty of pictures and details of the resource and design choices I made to actualize the challenge I set for myself in 2012.

Part 3  the Silver Bullet Tiny House and I are going on tour. I hope this e-book can inspire others with the lessons I’ve learned so far living tiny.

Comments about the book:

“It isn’t often you read a book that is grounded in the tiny house movement that touches on such a rich autobiographical history. Chronicling her career(s) in finance, redevelopment, visual art, and education, author Vera Struck builds her reasons for tackling the Silver Bullet Tiny House challenge she set for herself.
If you want to read an incredible book about someone who picked herself up by her bootstraps, found something she is passionate about, went for it, and is living large to tell the tale — then read this book. It’s a story of survival, personal growth and enlightenment towards a more sustainable American Dream.”
Andrew Odom, co-founder of Tiny r(E)volution and author of YOUR MESSAGE HERE: Gaining Corporate Sponsors for Your Tiny House Project

“Vera Struck certainly rocks with the power of several Vikings. Well into her sixties, she decides, “I want to design, and build, an off-grid, sustainable, tiny house that will serve as a traveling class room”, and does. She’s equal parts piss, vinegar, and infused-caffeine, not to mention damn driven.”

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (Author of “Microshelters”, Relaxshacks.com, and host/designer of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders”)
“In Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, Vera Struck tells us a tiny house story that is uniquely her own. It is an inspiring journey that will help you make important realizations about what you want in your tiny house journey. While many of us are driven to the tiny house lifestyle seeking freedom from the debt culture, Vera’s story is full of hardship, challenges overcome, and proof that anyone can achieve a tiny house if they know their “why” and “how”. Once I started reading Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, I couldn’t put it down. In addition to Vera’s inspiring personal journey, she gives the reader a detailed look at how and why she designed each element of her house the way that she did. I was surprised to learn that she managed to get her floor to have an R value of 33 with an ingenious design and construction method. I definitely recommend this book for anyone considering but isn’t sure if they can gain the skills required to do it themselves. Living the Sustainable Tiny Life will give you the kick you need to get moving!”
– Ethan Waldman, Tiny House Designer/Builder/Dweller/Author of Tiny House DecisionsTiny House Parking

If you want to change your life from BIG to TINY, then tis is the eBook for you!

Are you ready? Click the Add to Cart button below and “just do it!”.


* All proceeds go to scholarships for needy students at our TerraBluTeams.org workshops and the Living the Sustainable Tiny Life tour that begins next year.

Living the Sustainable Tiny Life

Vera conceived a sustainability bucket list five years ago. She says the projects to design a zero waste lifestyle, create only reclamation art, design a net-zero tiny house and build it by herself were quite the challenge. The Silver Bullet Tiny House is now complete and will become a traveling education exhibit.

We are delighted to announce that she will be speaking at the 1st Tiny House Jamboree, August 7-9, about her tiny house journey.

Vera will be releasing her book, Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, in July.